Who are we?

The WoodWhite, one of the most Charming & Delicate lights in the Butterfly Families is a symbol of Beautifulness, Elegance & Exclusivity. At The WoodWhite, Our Vision is to carry these traits as our Identity and Respectfully Associating these with our Integrity. The WoodWhite is a Young and Dynamic Organisation that very well blends in the sense of Quality and Creativity in its Culture. The Rich Heritage of Textile Knowledge has allowed us to be more Innovative in our Businesses but also grounding to the very Basics. The Current Spectrum of our offering includes Bed & Linen Products, Bath Linen Products & Food n Beverage Segment products..

How we started

The Strong Foundation of the Group goes back to 1950 which started as Cloth Merchants from Kanpur which was there then the Business Hub of the Nation. Currently the Group expands its scope through establishments in various cities namely Kanpur, Surat, Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Gorakhpur, Jaipur, Bhiwandi, Bhilwara. The Journey has allowed us to develop some of the very close Business Relationships which have become an integral part of our Business Family.

Power of knowledge

This Journey itself is a testimony of our competencies to match synergies and delivering upon the expectations of our esteemed customers. Also, it is a journey that couldn’t have been possible without the pillars of Principles, Beliefs, Trust & Commitment.


Our Culture and a Continuous desire to offer our customers the latest and best of the textiles has inherently made us Innovative and Exquisite in our Products & Operations. This New Business Segment caters exclusively to the Hospitality Industry and offers a complete range of Products for their Bed Linen, Bath Linen and also the Restaurants & Banquet Linens.


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